Tampa Newborn Photographer

All the love, the emotions, and the connection between you and your baby will allow you to remember the excitement of your sweet baby when you look back through your newborn photos.

Newborn sessions take place in your home- typically in your living room, master bedroom, and nursery. Read why you should choose a Lifestyle newborn session here.

Our approach to newborn photography is natural, relaxed, and timeless.
The safety of your newborn is my priority and my lifestyle approach allows me to capture these special moments between baby and your family in a meaningful way.
No props and no unnatural posing of the baby.
In fact, for most of the session, baby will be in the arms of you and your family.

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Popular FAQS

When should I schedule a newborn session?

It is never too early to book a newborn session! Newborn portraits are generally captured within the first 4-14 days of life when they are sleepy. We will put you down for the date you are due, or if you are adopting, we will schedule after your adoption takes place. This date is flexible and is just needed to hold your spot. We understand that all birth stories are different and births don’t always happen on due dates. Once baby is here, we will move it to a solid date!

We book a limited number of newborn sessions per month. We like to make sure there is enough availability around your due date, so we can move your flexible date to a solid one. We also like to give each client our focus and attention, so we can plan each detail.

We offer sessions on Saturday mornings

How long will our newborn session last?

You can plan on your newborn session taking 1.5 hours in your home. We will get some images around different parts of your home including your nursery. I will reach out before your session and ask you where you are getting some good soft light. We can discuss different spaces that you are comfortable having your family photographed.

You can read why you should choose a lifestyle newborn session here!

What to wear during your newborn session

Styling is an important factor for your newborn session. We recommend earthy neutrals and creams. Pastels are beautiful to pair as well. These colors and tones bring a classic, timeless element to your images.

For your newborn, we have over 30 different colored newborn wraps available to use during your session. We can chat about what wraps will coordinate with you and your family and I will wrap baby for you.

Newborn wraps in all colors.

We can assist you on what colors would work best within your home and the style and feel you are envisioning.