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Newborn Photography in Tampa: Capturing your precious moments

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tampa Newborn Photography!

These first tender moments with your precious bundle of joy are fleeting, but through our lens, they become timeless treasures. Our goal is to capture the unique charm of your family and newborn, while preserving the beauty of the early days forever. Every tiny yawn, each delicate feature – we believe these are stories worth telling.

Booking a newborn photographer is a personal decision and it is so important to find someone that knows newborn safety and is a good fit for your family. As a newborn photographer and fellow mom, I know family newborn photos are important as these are your first family photos with your newborn.

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Experienced Newborn Photography in Tampa: Safety and Expertise

Choosing the right newborn photographer in Tampa is about more than just capturing beautiful images – it’s about trusting your baby’s safety and comfort to an experienced and caring professional.

With a background rooted in safety training with hands on experience, and a nurturing heart, you can trust that your newborn is in capable hands. With 10 years under my belt and having worked with over 100 babies, safety is the forefront of every pose and every setup. 

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Unique like you - A custom Tampa Newborn Photography process

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We offer Newborn props, newborn wraps, accessories, bonnets, headbands, teddies, and so much more!

Creating custom setups tailored to your preferred colors are one of many reasons clients choose me. 

Our goal is to make this session easy so You focus on your family and not the details of your newborn photo session. 

Why choose Me as your newborn photographer ?

Stepping out of the house with a baby and little ones can be a challenge. I have designed a hassle free experience for you! Your custom setups will be ready upon your arrival, taking one less worry off your list.

Enjoy our serene studio, light refreshments of water and snacks, and watch the magic unfold from your cozy chair.

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Your Tampa Newborn Photography session:

Newborn photography sessions take place Monday – Friday in the morning.

Your due date is used as a holding spot until your baby arrives. 

Get in touch for your Newborn Photography experience!

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Frequently asked questions about Newborn Photography in Tampa:

The ideal window for a booking a newborn photoshoot is within the first 21 days of birth. Babies are most sleepy and naturally curl up better, so we can try and get those sweet poses.

Newborn photography sessions usually last up to 2 hours, allowing for feeding, changing, and ensuring your baby’s comfort. Patience is key with babies, and we work at your baby’s pace to capture those adorable moments.

Babies have their own schedules and moods, and that is perfectly okay! Our experience allows us to adapt to their needs, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere in our newborn studio and capturing some precious moments regardless.

We recommend bringing baby in just a simple onesie or diaper to avoid marks on their delicate skin. Props and outfits will be provided and ready once you arrive.

Absolutely! We encourage parents and siblings to join in the newborn session. These moments are about capturing the love and connection within your family.

We understand that newborn’s needs come first. Our sessions are flexible, allowing time for feeding and changing as needed.

At LB Photography, LLC our packages are based around everything that you love.

Before your session, you are not required to choose a package. 7-10 days after your session you will be invited back to our studio to look through the images we took, choose your favorites, and purchase your images and products at that time.

We only want you to purchase what you love!

Booking is simple, contact us through the “Investment” tab. We will guide you through the process.

Newborn Photographer Near Me:

LB Photography is rated as the Top Tampa Newborn Photographer in Florida and offers a full service experience. We specialize in Beach Maternity photo sessions and Tampa Newborn Photo shoots.

Preparing for your Tampa Newborn Photoshoot: Helpful Blogs