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Choosing a studio newborn session in Tampa

As a fellow mama, I know that the weeks leading up to having your newborn are a complete blur, so let me take the stress off your plate when planning a studio newborn session in Tampa.

You’re preparing for baby, but in the midst of all that planning, don’t forget to book a newborn photographer! A newborn session does not have to be a stressful experience. One day, you’ll look at these newborn pictures and it will trigger all the sweet memories. In this post, I will be discussing why an in studio newborn photography session is the perfect idea for your newborn session!

4 reasons to choose a Studio newborn session In Tampa

Baby girl photos during Tampa Newborn Photography session
Tampa Newborn session

Access to all newborn props, newborn wraps, and more!

So, you’ve just had a baby and as a new mama, you’re probably a little overwhelmed with prepping for a photography session. My favorite part of a newborn photography session in studio is that you don’t have to prep for baby. In our newborn studio we have numerous options of newborn props, newborn wraps in over 30 colors, as well as headbands and bonnets. You don’t need a thing! I have it all. I know that for my clients it’s a relief that they don’t have to worry about packing anything or shopping.

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Your whole family is invited

My newborn sessions are natural, comfortable, and always include family members. My goal is for your newborn session to document your family’s excitement in welcoming your new baby. I want to capture parent, siblings, and even grandparents snuggling on baby!

Baby photos during Tampa Newborn Photography session
Tampa Newborn session

Classic, timeless newborn photos

If you’ve been to my website before, you’ll learn really quick that I believe in the importance of classic, timeless images over newborn pictures that are edited to be trendy. Trends come and go, I don’t want your images to be something you look on years later and they feel dated. We can all remember those Olan mills images that are sepia edited and make us laugh years later,

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Newborn safety

The safety of your newborn is my top priority during your session. Being educated in safely posing a newborn is a continual focus so that your newborn is in the best hands. Every newborn session is “baby led” and that approach allows me to capture images of your newborn at their pace. We stop for feedings and tweak posing as needed.

Baby boy photos during Tampa Newborn Photography session
Tampa newborn session

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