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beach couples maternity photos in tampa, florida

Where to take Maternity Photos in Tampa

Congratulations! If you’re reached this page you’re either a local Tampa mom or Tampa Photographer wanting to learn more about the where to take maternity photos in Tampa or where to shoot Maternity photos, you’re in the right place!

Here is a quick article on my favorite locations to take maternity photos so you end up with gorgeous, lasting Maternity memories.

1. Lettuce Lake Park

This gorgeous local park is beautiful at sun up and sun down for your maternity photos. It is a smaller park, but with enough room to not be bothered by a lot of park goers. You’ll see a range of tree backdrops, boardwalks, and some water.

where to take maternity photos in tampa florida

2. Fort De Soto Beach

This old historic park with beach is rich in history. The old fort is half in the water and some is on land. The part of the fort is now not accessible for climbing on, but once it was. Most nights it is calm and private making it the perfect location for Maternity photos.

where to take maternity photos in tampa florida

3. A Private Field

For a while, field maternity photo sessions were all the rage. Gorgeous sprawling hills of grass, skies for miles, and tall grasses give your photos an amazing backdrop for your Maternity photos. Also, it’s a backdrop that you don’t find often in Tampa since we are a big city. We have so many private fields in the area that you can get access to by asking permission to the owners.

places to take maternity photos in tampa florida

4. Private Studio

This option is my favorite! Tampa is known for its beaches and parks, but often a lot of clients want something different than what everyone else is doing. They want privacy and they want air conditioning. If you’re thinking of maternity photos with a relaxing atmosphere and creative Images, find a photographer that will photograph you in the studio.

where to take maternity photos in tampa florida

Hopefully this short list of where to take your maternity photos in Tampa is helpful for you!

If you are expecting and interested in learning more about a Tampa Maternity photography session, reach out! I’d love to help you photograph this special moment for you and your family.