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Tampa Studio Newborn Photo Session Prep Guide

What every parent needs to know before their studio Newborn Photo Session.

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are here on this preparation guide, chances are you have booked me for studio newborn photos in the Tampa area!

I am so honored to be documenting this special season in your family’s life. The first few weeks and month of your new baby’s life are going to fly by in a blur. I have put together this prep guide so you will be prepared for your newborn session.

tampa newborn photographer

Please Remember To bring:

I’m sure as a new mama you are already packed and have everything ready to go, but just in case these are a few essentials we may need during the session to have ready.

1, Burp cloths for any spit up during the session and a pacifier just in case I need them!

2. Put your baby in easy to remove clothing. Avoid restrictive clothing or anything that will unsettle baby to remove.

3. If bottle feeding, please have an extra ready. If you are nursing, please try and avoid spicy and acidic foods the night before as to not upset baby’s tummy.

tampa newborn photographer

The day of your session:

  1. Keep baby stimulated and awake the hour before you head my way. This will help baby sleep in the car and do well during their session. We want your baby to be able to go to sleep so I can pose baby safely in props.
  2. The morning of: Bathe baby in a warm bath. While you are keeping baby awake, it is recommended that you use part of the time to give baby a warm bath. This will help prep them to start getting ready to sleep. It also makes sure their hair is clean and that eyes and nose are free of sleepies and boogers.
  3. Please avoid adding any cream or lotion to baby’s face before the session as it will reflect with my studio lighting. In post, I will remove flakes and even out the skin.
Tampa Newborn Photographer

DUring the session

I have a small home studio in the front of my home equipped with everything from professional lighting, posing table, all the newborn wraps, hats, headbands and props we will need.

I have a sitting area for mom and dad to sit and relax during the session and I also provide water and snacks in case anyone gets hungry!

Family posing is first . Please come dressed and ready to go for those pictures. I usually start with wrapping baby in a newborn wrap to match you. Then, photograph the family group first, then siblings with the baby, and then parent with the baby. Usually this takes 30 minutes.

After the family portion, we will begin the baby posing in the setups I have with the time leftover.

There is a nearby park within .2 miles of my home studio, After the sibling portion of the session is done, a parent may feel free to take the kiddos there to run out some energy. I highly recommend it as it will allow quiet time for baby’s portion of the session.

It is very important baby is ASLEEP for the portion of baby posing and stays asleep. Baby safety is my number one job and keeping baby safely in a pose or prop is key. Baby’s startle easy, so the session needs to be very quiet.

If there are loud noises or children coming into the photographing space as I’m working with baby, I cannot fully execute the job I was hired to do.

Baby Posing- The baby posed part of the session is 100% baby led meaning, I will not force baby into a pose they do not want to go. If baby is not happy in a pose or prop we will move on to the next. I take care in making sure every baby that comes to my studio is happy and safe while they are being photographed.

tampa newborn photographer
newborn photographer tampa

I am so excited to met you and your baby! I have been working with babies for a very long time and I am truly passionate about documenting these special years for clients to enjoy for years to come!



Meet sugar! She is our studio mascot and thinks she is a cat. She is 9 years old, loves to lay on the couch all day (wouldn’t that be nice!), and cuddles! Everyone that meets her falls in love with her.

You most likely won’t see her around, but if you do, she may say hi and then she will leave us be to go back and visit the couch again. If there are children coming to the session, I usually put her up. She is well trained and knows to stay out of the studio area. She’s hypoallergenic as well and the studio is always cleaned in between sessions.