Tampa newborn photography session with baby boy

Tampa baby Photographer: Safety & Experience

Prioritizing Newborn Safety

Newborn safety is my number one priority during our baby photography session. As a Tampa baby photographer my job involves extensive training for proper handling of your sweet baby. I have taken many classes and continually educate to stay up to date on safety. I have photographed newborns for 5 years and I am also fully vaccinated.

tampa newborn photographer specializing in newborn photos in tampa

A Focus on Your Family

As a mama myself, I know that making memories with your new baby trumps planning a newborn photo shoot. So, I will tend to every detail of planning your session so you can focus on what matters most, your family. Let me pamper you!

tampa newborn photographer specializing in newborn photos in tampa

Baby-Led Sessions

These baby photography sessions are baby-led, so we will go at baby’s pace. If the baby does not want to be in a certain pose, I will move on. Nothing is forced – All of my posing with the baby is done with a wrap or outfit, no fully naked posing.

tampa newborn photographer specializing in newborn photos in tampa

Newborn Safety Beyond Photography

I understand that choosing the right photographer for your newborn is a big decision. That’s why I prioritize transparency in my work. You can expect a safe and comfortable environment in my studio, where every prop and accessory used is carefully sanitized between sessions. Plus parents always have the perfect view to watch the session so you know baby is being properly taking care of. Your baby’s health and well-being are paramount.

tampa newborn photographer specializing in newborn photos in tampa

Personalized Consultations

Before your session, we’ll have a consultation to discuss your Colors , nursery and home design so your photos flow so well, and any special requests. This ensures a personalized experience tailored to your family’s unique style. From the choice of colors and props to the lighting and ambiance, we’ll create timeless portraits that reflect your family’s love and warmth.

tampa newborn photographer specializing in newborn photos in tampa

A Peaceful Experience

Safety is not just about physical well-being but also emotional comfort. I strive to create a soothing atmosphere during the session, keeping the noise level low and the temperature just right for your baby’s comfort. Parents often find that the session becomes a peaceful bonding time with their little one.

tampa newborn photogrpaher

Capturing Precious Moments

It’s important to capture those fleeting moments as your baby grows and changes so quickly. My goal is to freeze these precious moments in time, creating artful images that you and your family will cherish for generations to come. Your baby’s first days are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I’m honored to be a part of preserving these memories for you.

Thank you for considering me as your Tampa baby photographer. Your baby’s safety, comfort, and the quality of the images we create are my top priorities. I look forward to helping you capture the beauty of this special time in your family’s life. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule your session.