Why a Lifestyle Newborn Session?

As a fellow mama, I know that the weeks leading up to having your newborn are a complete blur. You’re preparing your nursery, your hospital bag, and all the other tasks that are on your to-do list before your newborn baby is here.

In the midst of all that planning, don’t forget to book a newborn photographer! A newborn session does not have to be a stressful experience and you will be so glad that you booked one. One day, you’ll look at these newborn photos and it will trigger all the sweet memories that come with having a newborn.

In this post, I will be discussing why a Lifestyle Newborn session is the perfect idea for your newborn session!

Newborn and family snuggling during portraits for lifestyle newborn photo session in Tampa, Florida
Tampa Lifestyle Newborn session

The comfort of home

So, you’ve just had a baby and as a new mama, you’re probably a little worried about facing the world with this new blessing. My favorite part of a lifestyle newborn session is that I come to you! I know that for my clients it’s a relief that they don’t have to worry about packing a bag, packing up baby, or driving anywhere. And the convenience of home is a balm when there’s very little rest happening. I do not require any special prep for these session, so there is very little to prep. I want to document this beautiful season just how you are.

Home means something beautiful to each one of us. We all remember our first home. There’s a comfort there and memories of home are always sweet. These images will be unique to your family because your home is being captured. One day, you’re newborn will be older and you’ll be able to share the special place you brought them home to.

Your whole family is invited

Studio sessions are gorgeous, but most of the time the studio is small and adding family into the session is an extra fee. In home newborn sessions offer the space that a studio cannot offer. My newborn sessions are natural, comfortable, and always include family members. My goal is for your newborn session to document your family’s excitement in welcoming your new baby. I want to capture parent, siblings, and even grandparents snuggling on baby!

Brother kissing newborn sister during tampa newborn session
Tampa Newborn session in home

Real moments

If you’ve been to my website before, you’ll learn really quick that I believe in the importance of moments over poses. During a newborn session it isn’t any different. When you hold a newborn baby your first instinct is to cuddle, to kiss, and to touch them. Those natural moments are precious and exactly the moments that mean so much. For the majority of a lifestyle session, baby will be in the loving arms of a parent, family member, or sibling.

No unnatural posing

The safety of your newborn is my top priority during your session. My lifestyle approach allows me to capture images of your newborn as well as newborn and family photos without being hands on.

I do professionally wrap baby for you in a newborn wrap from our Client closet, but after they are wrapped, I hand them back to you. I wrap newborns because most babies are more comfortable being swaddled and it helps them sleep during the session.

tampa florida newborn photographer
Tampa In home newborn session

Learn more about our Tampa newborn sessions!

Are you expecting and considering a newborn session in your home?

I would love to photograph and document this special moment for you and your family.

You can find out more information about our Newborn sessions here

All images are by LB Photography, LLC
LB Photography, LLC specializes in lifestyle newborn sessions in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas.

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